It’s Easter again!

This year we want to talk about eggs, but not the chocolate kind. We’ve been busy making new recipes that traditionally would be made with eggs, but that we’ve given a plant-based twist to make them even better.

You might think that eggs are integral to many dishes, but it’s not so – even egg-based recipes like meringues can be created egg-free! Check out our aquafaba meringues, made with just three ingredients: chickpea water, sugar and vanilla. Even we were skeptical, but they turned out great! Topped with coconut cream and vanilla it’s impossible to tell the difference.

And how about this quiche made completely egg-free by swapping eggs for tofu? Simply mix extra firm tofu with your favourite veggies and spices, then bake the filling in a vegan pie crust. You can serve your friends a quiche that is cheaper, healthier and easy to make, and doesn’t require even one egg!

Even recipes that typically rely solely on eggs can be substituted! Have you ever heard of ackee? It’s a fruit, widely used in west Indian food, but for us it’s a straight up egg replacer for scrambled eggs. Try frying it like we did with seasoning and some Indian black salt to give it an eggy, umami taste, then serve on toast or as part of a fry up. You can even serve it alongside our carrot smoked salmon for a luxury breakfast!

So this Easter, why not leave eggs off the menu and enjoy some of our egg-free recipes for your Easter celebration? You’ll be reducing the demand for chicken eggs and sparing hens from suffering on egg farms across the country. Did you know that almost half the chickens farmed in the UK for their eggs are still living in “enriched” cages with barely any space to move around and little enrichment or stimulation? Just like these hens we filmed last year on a Devon farm.

Eating plant-based is the number one way to help farmed animals. Why not give it a try this Easter?