Ok, by now you guys must have heard of Derek Sarno. The uber talented plant-based chef who’s taking the UK by storm with his range of Wicked Kitchen convenience food, currently on sale in Tesco stores nationwide.

Not only that, Derek is soon to be releasing a Wicked Healthy cookbook of recipes by him and Wicked Healthy co-founder Chad Sarno, and is touring the country speaking about his cooking and inspiring others to try plant-based.

In-between all that though he’s managed to find some time to have us over to his and make some incredible food with us.

Check out our Protein Crusted Sweet Potatoes and Roast Peri Peri Celeriac Monster Wraps below and find out what other recipes we have coming soon!

Protein Crusted Sweet Potatoes

Protein crusted sweet potatoes? Don't mind if we do!More delicious Sarno Bros. Wicked Healthy Food x Love Veg recipes coming soon!

Posted by Animal Equality on Donnerstag, 8. Februar 2018


Celeriac Monster Wraps! Wicked Healthy x Love Veg

New week, new Love Veg video! These Celeriac Monster wraps we made with Derek Sarno are insanely tasty and easy! Check out the other recipes we made with Derek at www.loveveg.uk and give em' a go!

Posted by Animal Equality on Montag, 26. Februar 2018

Head back to Love Veg soon to find the next in the series of our recipes made with Derek. They’re simple to make, delicious and not to be missed!

Derek Sarno x Love Veg

Psssst, here's a little sneak peak of the delicious recipes we made with Sarno Bros. Wicked Healthy FoodProtein crusted sweet potatoes coming to www.loveveg.uk soon!

Posted by Animal Equality on Freitag, 2. Februar 2018