Peter Dinklage


I am a firm believer in eating a full plant-based, whole food diet that can expand your life length and make you an all-around happier person.

A plant-based diet is trendy - also among celebrities!

Evanna Lynch


Killing and eating animals is a betrayal of our own core humanity […] killing an innocent goes against our nature.

Russell Brand


I don’t see why someone should lose their life just so you can have a snack.

Ellie Goulding


I went vegan a few months ago. I feel leaner and healthier […] Now my body’s different, my skin is different, my face shape is different and my eyes are brighter too.

David Haye


I watched a TV documentary about how animals are farmed, killed and prepared for us to eat […] I saw all those cows and pigs and realised I couldn’t be a part of it any more. It was horrible. I did some research to make sure I could still obtain enough protein to fight and, once satisfied that I could, I stopped. I’ll never go back.

Tim Shieff


[…] with all the science we have now its been proven Vegan diet is just as healthy if not healthier and its less selfish. What really helped me over come what I firmly believe was an addiction to meat was that it wasn’t about me, I could never kill an animal intentionally myself just to eat it so I had no right to pay someone else to do it plus I don’t want any animals to die or suffer just for me to enjoy a certain flavour and texture in my mouth for a few minutes a day.

Alicia Silverstone

Acress and Author

I couldn’t reconcile being an advocate for animals and at the same time eating them — it made no sense. But I quickly realized that there were also incredible health benefits and started to educate myself about the amazing health potential of a plant-based diet.

Brendan Brazier

Triathlete and professional athlete

There are many good reasons for a vegan diet, also and particularly for an athlete. Important is: To digest plant-based foods you don´t need so much energy. Therefore more energy is available for the body. The more energy you spend, the less you have.

Emily Deschanel


In high school our teacher showed us the documentary “ Diet For a New America”, based on the book with the same title. This documentary shows the dirty business of factory farming: the cruelties the animals live through, the health risks which come with a meat based diet and the devastating consequences for the environment. Back then I immediately decided to become a vegetarian, with the intent to become vegan as soon as I would be ready for it. That took me two years. I have never regretted that decision.

Fiona Oakes

Marathon runner

I like to encourage people to think about veganism in a positive way. I try to break down stereotypes and myths attached to veganism by my actions. I am one of only 800 female fire-fighters in the UK – a job which people don’t expect to see a female doing, let alone a vegan one. I run endurance events, a thing which people don’t think you can do if you are a ‘weak vegan’.

Jason Mraz


I’ve been on a pretty strict plant-based diet for 4 months now – feeling stronger, fitter, healthier and more productive. I ride longer distances on my bike, can do more pull-ups than ever, and my brain seems to have a larger capacity for new projects, problem solving, songwriting, and fielding random questions. My health and strength make me a better performer and all that combined gives me more confidence to go out in the world and shine my light.

Joaquin Phoenix


I was 3-years-old – to this day it is a vivid memory. My family and I were on a boat, catching fish. As one fish was caught, he was writhing, then he was thrown against the side of the boat. You couldn’t disguise what it was. This was what we did to animals to eat them. The animal went from a living, vibrant creature fighting for life to a violent death. I recognised it, as did my brothers and sisters.