Are there plant-based
alternatives to chicken?

Yes! In the UK, there are several alternatives to chicken. Try FRY’s Chicken-Style strips which are perfect for fajitas and stir fries and can be found in health food shops like Holland & Barrett. You’ll also find vegan nuggets, schnitzels and southern fried ‘chicken’ pieces there. If you’re looking for a sandwich filler, try VBites’ Cheatin’ Chicken slices. Some major supermarkets – including Tesco, Sainsbury’s Waitrose and Asda, stock Quorn’s vegan pieces which are a great chicken alternative in curries, pies and stews. Quorn’s Hot & Spicy chicken-style burger can be found in many supermarkets too including Morrisons, Tesco and Asda.

Other great and easy alternatives to chicken are tempeh and tofu. Amazingly tasty and versatile, you can use these products as chicken substitutes in many dishes.

What about other
animal products?

You don’t have to miss out on anything if you decide to reduce or eliminate your consumption of animal products! There is a plant-based alternative for pretty much every food: from dairy-free cheese pizzas to veggie burgers, and cheesecakes to ice cream. Soya and almond milk are everywhere nowadays too! Baking is super easy without eggs, and it’s fun to discover new ingredients and recipes, treating your palate to so many new tastes and textures.
Check out our delicious recipes!

How can I find like-minded people who
can give me tips and support?

Whether you want to reduce your meat consumption, go vegetarian, or try out some new vegan recipes – everything is more fun together! You can either ask a friend or family member to join you on your mission to a better and healthier you, or you can find like-minded people on the internet and at local meetups. Look for vegan meetups in your community and follow us and Veganuary on Facebook!

What about protein?
And vitamin B12?

Dr. Bürger

Studies show that a balanced vegan diet is usually healthier than a diet with animal products. Almost all plant-based foods, especially legumes such as lentils, beans and peas, contain some protein and if you eat a balanced diet you will not go short of protein. However, you should make sure you get enough vitamin B12. This can be achieved through chewable vitamin tablets.

Dr. Neal Bernard

More and more athletes are finding that a plant-based diet can easily provide all of the necessary vitamins, minerals, and yes – even protein – to fuel a medal-winning performance.

My family and friends
have lots of questions
about a plant-based diet.
How can I help answer
their questions?

When you make changes to your diet it may raise some questions among your friends and family. You can help answer these questions by explaining what motivated your decision. It’s important to always stay open to others’ reactions and opinions. They should not get the feeling they are being judged by you because they don’t share the same opinion. But what always works well is food! Cook them a meal and show even the most hardcore sceptic that a plant-based diet can be both tasty and healthy!

Will I save money?

Basic plant-based foods such as bread, rice, noodles, vegetables, potatoes and fruit are the most affordable products in supermarkets. Nowadays you can also get low-cost meat alternatives in supermarkets and health food shops such as Tesco, Asda, Waitrose, and Holland and Barret. Check out our On a Budget section for more ideas on how to eat delicious and affordable plant-based options.

I do a lot of sports.
How can I achieve
peak performances
with a diet free from
animal products?

Patrik Baboumian

In 2011 I won the Strongman Championship and became “Germany’s strongest man” in the same year that I transitioned from vegetarian to vegan. Over the following two years I was able to achieve three world records and one European championship title! Since going vegan I recover faster from my training and feel so much better in my body. My tip: If you spend some time on your nutrition and find out a little bit about which foods contain certain nutrients, you can break your own records!

Fiona Oakes

I like to encourage people to think about veganism in a positive way. I try to break down stereotypes and myths attached to veganism by my actions. I am one of only 800 female firefighters in the UK – a job which people don’t expect to see a female doing, let alone a vegan one. I run endurance events, a thing which people don’t think you can do if you are a “weak vegan”.

Fiona Oakes is a firefighter, ultra-runner, holder of three running world records, and the fastest female to run a marathon on each continent. She is also vegan.

Can I eat out easily on a vegan diet?

Of course! You might have noticed the increasing number of vegan and vegetarian restaurants that are opening up all over the UK. Use Apps like HappyCow, TripAdvisor and VegMan to help you quickly find the nearest restaurant to you.

The biggest chain restaurants including YO! Sushi, Zizzi, Wagamama, Las Iguanas, the Handmade Burger Company, Pizza Express,Toby Carvery, Pret A Manger and even Nandos have plenty of vegan options available. And most independent restaurants and bistros have vegan options, too, whether that is from the wide range of delicious vegetable, chick pea or lentil dishes at Indian restaurants, the varied spiced tofu and rice dishes at Chinese and Thai restaurants, or the pasta and antipasti dishes at Italian bistros, there is something for everyone!